Battery Care Information

How to Properly Charge and Store your Scooter or Power Chair batteries

Charging your batteries properly is one of the most important things you can do to keep your scooter or power chair running properly with plenty of range for your daily activities. Always follow the manufacturer's recommendations in the manual that came with your product. Most all scooter and power chairs come with a type of sealed lead-acid battery (AGM or Gel) so charging recommendations are the same for most products.

These instructions will keep your batteries in good health. Batteries typically last one to four years as long as you stay on top of keeping them recharged. Failure to properly charge your batteries will shorten your battery life.

  • Always use the charger that came with your scooter or power chair. Using the wrong type charger can be dangerous and ruin your batteries. We have replacement chargers for all types of scooters and power chairs.
  • Turn your scooter off while charging and disconnect the charger before turning back on.
  • Always recharge your scooter daily after ANY use.
  • The batteries do not have a memory and repeatedly running the batteries all the way down before recharging will not help performance and will significantly shorten the battery life.
  • Plug the charger into the charging port on the tiller or directly to the battery pack. For power chairs, the charging port is usually under the joystick at the front. Some scooters and power chairs have on-board chargers. For these, plug the power cord directly to the wall outlet.
  • Charge your scooter until the charging indicator on the charger shows a full charge. On most chargers, the charging light will go from red to green or turn off when fully charged. Don't rely on the power meter on the console.
  • Charge overnight for at least 8 hours and the charger should show a full charge.
  • You can extend your range by charging your batteries throughout the day. This is not necessary as long as you charge overnight.
  • If you run your scooter all the way down during the day, charge as soon as you can. Don't wait until night if possible.
  • Don't leave the charger connected for more than 24 hrs. Overcharging does not improve performance and can damage your batteries. Eight hours should be all it takes for a full charge with the proper charger. If it takes significantly longer, it is a sign that your batteries need to be replaced.
  • If you won't be using your scooter for a week or more, be sure that you leave the battery fully charged. Remove the battery from the scooter on portable models like the Pride GoGo or Golden Buzzaround. Recharge the battery fully before you use the scooter again.
  • Charge your battery pack or scooter once a week when not in use.
  • Protect your scooter and batteries from extreme hot and cold.
  • On scooters with removable packs, be sure that the bottom of the battery pack and the space where it sits is clean and dry. Use a dry cloth if necessary. Do not use metal to clean!

Batteries last longer the quicker they are recharged after use. By charging fully at least once per day, your batteries will stay strong and the range will be good.

It is normal for batteries to lose range over time. If you are dependent on your scooter or just want to make sure that you don't get stuck on a long trip, you should consider purchasing a spare pack. You should have your batteries replaced if the power meter routinely runs below half-full during your normal daily use. If your meter drops quickly right after a full charge, your batteries are going bad and should be replaced.