Lift chair positions and types

picture lift chair Lift chairs come in different types. There are 2-position, 3-position and infinite position types. All of them lift and recline. The infinite position lift chairs can put the person in zero gravity and trendelenburg positions. These positions can help with circulatory conditions, lower extremity swelling and edema.

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The Trendelenburg position, not only provides the ultimate stretch of your entire back, but also improves your circulation. German physician Friederich Trendelenburg created this position and it is named for him. This position raises your feet above your head, increasing blood flow in your lower extremities. Many doctors prescribe the therapeutic benefits of the Trendelenburg position for congestive heart failure, edema or other circulatory conditions where patients need to raise their legs above their heart for certain periods of time each day.

In the zero-gravity position, the spine, hip and knee joints are positioned on the balanced midpoint of the muscles. With the MaxiComfort power recline system from Golden and the Infinite Position lift chairs from Pride, the seat moves up and down to pivot your hips into this naturally relaxing Zero-Gravity position. Spinal pressure and muscle tension are relieved, circulation is improved.

We can add heat/massage to most lift chairs

Lift Chairs - How they work

All lift chairs will lift the user to the standing position. 2-Position does not mean there are only 2 positions just as 3-Position does not mean there are only 3-positions. The chair can be stopped in any position by releasing the control button.

The difference between 2-Position, 3-Position and Infinite-Position Lift Chair is in the recline mechanism and footrest/ottoman positioning. The back and footrest go back farther with the 3-position chairs as opposed to the 2-position. These days, you can get a three position chair for about the same price as a two position. We recommend a 3-position or infinite position lift chair for most of our clients.

Lift Chair Positioning:

All Lift Chair Positions

*Please note, most all of the infinite position lift chairs from Golden and Pride will position the user in the Trendelenburg and zero gravity positions. Please call us at 800-610-4295 if you have any questions.

2-Position Lift Chair:

2-Position Lift Chair

2-Position Lift Chairs do recline a few inches. While reclining, the seat of the chair actually slides rearward as to extend the stretched-out position. This position is where you would normally position a "Lazy-Boy" recliner if you are watching TV. Most 2-Position Lift Chairs have a gap between the seat and the ottoman. The 2-Position Lift Chair has a single motor that runs the back recline and ottoman. A single toggle switch on the hand pendant controls everything. The Golden Capri Lift Chair and the Pride LC-110 Lift Chair are typical 2-Position lift chairs.

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3-Position Lift Chair:

3-Position Lift Chair

3-Position Lift Chairs recline similar to Lazy-Boy recliners but actually recline further than most Lazy-Boys. As the back reclines the footrest rises. The chair may be stopped in any position. Most of the 3 position Lift Chairs are full chaise loungers - meaning there is no gap between ottoman and seat. Standard 3-Position Lift Chairs have a single motor that runs the lift and recline mechanisms. The hand control is simple on the 3-position chairs. One button to recline and another one to lift you up.

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Infinite Position Lift Chair:

Infinite Position Lift Chair

Infinite-Position lift Chairs have two motors and you can control the back and seat/footrest independently. Infinite position chairs can put you in zero-gravity and Trendelenburg positions. They also will lie almost flat for people that sleep in their chairs. These are higher-end chairs and will meet the needs of most people. The hand control has buttons to control the back and seat/footrest independently

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Customers often ask why we only carry Pride and Golden lift chairs in our showrooms. We evaluate lift chairs regularly and have found the Pride and Golden liftchairs provide the most reliable products at the best prices. Both Pride and Golden build their lift chairs in the USA using quality hardwood frame construction and high quality fabrics. They both offer pocketed coil systems so your chair won't sag and the cushions won't wear out like other lower quality brands. They also are known for high reliability and both brands have battery back-up so you won't get stuck during a power outage. Since we work on lift chairs regularly, we know which brands are the best. That's why we carry both Pride and Golden lift chairs exclusively. And, you won't find a better price on lift chair of this quality anywhere.