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Martin Mobility offers a wide selection of 3 wheel scooters and 4 wheel mobility scooters at Web prices with full service. Showroom models ready to take home today or delivered. From easy to transport portable scooters to full-size heavy duty scooters, we can help you select the right power chair scooter for your needs.

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Austin store at 7801 N Lamar STE C65. At the south east corner of N Lamar and 183. Georgetown store - 3010 Williams DR STE 208. 


Call us - Austin: 512-476-0500, Georgetown: 512-863-2929. 

When you purchase your scooter from Martin Mobility, you can be sure that you will get full support from our factory trained staff. Click here to see why customers choose us over other online sellers. And, we can offer better prices on many products than you will see on the site since we also stock many of the products in our retail locations. We often have store specials that are lower than we can advertise online. Come by and choose your electric mobility scooter today.

Portable and Travel Mobility Scooters

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Portable scooters or Travel scooters are easy to disassemble and transport in your car, truck, van or SUV. We have customers that carry these in their small sedans. It takes less than a minute to assemble or disassemble these scooters. Portable models come in 3-wheel and 4-wheel styles. The 3-wheel scooters will have a tighter turning radius while the 4-wheel models will have more stability for uneven and outdoor terrain. Portable scooters come apart into 4 or 5 pieces. These travel scooters are easy to lift into the trunk or back seat. Most of the pieces weigh 30 lbs or less. They use sealed batteries to make them airline safe. These are also very popular for cruises and other vacation destinations where the distances you must walk are just too far. The GoGo line from Pride and the Buzzaround scooters from Golden are your best choices for portable scooters.The Go-Go elite traveller and Go-Go Sport are our most popular portable scooters. Click HERE to see the portable 3 wheel scooters and 4 wheel scooters. Call us anytime: Austin: 512-476-0500, Georgetown: 512-863-2929.

Full Size 3-Wheel Mobility Scooters


Full-size scooters are more powerful and get longer range than travel scooters. These scooters offer full-sized comfort and have a tighter turning radius than 4 wheel scooters. WIth larger wheels, more powerful batteries, and more legroom with a larger platform, these scooters can get you a long way outdoor in comfort. Full-size 3 wheel scooters have weight capacities up to 350 lbs. Some models also have features like power-elevating seats. You can also add scooter accessories like oxygen tank holders, cane and crutch holders, and a larger rear basket. The Pride Victory scooters and Golden Companion scooters are your best choice for full sized 3-wheel mobility scooters. Click HERE to see the 3-wheel full-size scooters. Call us anytime: Austin: 512-476-0500, Georgetown: 512-863-2929. 

Full Size 4-Wheel Mobility Scooters


If you are going to be using your mobility scooter predominantly outdoors, a 4 wheel scooter will provide the greatest stability.. With higher ground clearance and bigger tires, these a great choice for outdoor terrain that may be uneven. Full size 4-wheel scooters come in a variety of sizes from the smaller Pride Victory 9 to the "Hummer" of mobility scooters, the Pursuit XL. While some people use these scooters indoors, they are best suited for outdoor use. Call us and we can help you choose the best model for your requirements. Click HERE to see the 4 wheel full-size scooters Call us anytime: Austin: 512-476-0500, Georgetown: 512-863-2929.

Heavy Duty and High Weight Capacity Mobility Scooters

pride pursuit xl scooter

If you need weight capacity over 350 pounds, we have several models of heavy-duty scooters that will work for you. High capacity scooters are both 3 wheel scooters and 4 wheel scooters. With weight capacities from 400 lbs to 500 lbs., These scooters have the power to get you where you need to go. Look at the Pride Maxima, The Pride Victory 10, and Golden Avenger or the new Golden Patriot POV. Click HERE to see the heavy duty scooters. Call us anytime: Austin: 512-476-0500, Georgetown: 512-863-2929.

A mobility scooter is a great choice for getting around in your home and outdoors. You may want to consider a power chair as well. Power chairs or power wheelchairs are controlled with a joystick. They can turn in a tight circle which makes them better indoors for some people. There are also portable models of power chairs like the Golden PTC and the Pride GoChair.

Full size scooters like the Golden Companion and the Pride Victory models are used indoors by some people. The Companion scooter and Victory models come in 3-wheel scooter and 4-wheel scooter models. The 3 wheel scooter models will have a better turning radius for indoor use. The larger size of the Companion and Victory scooters means they will require more space to maneuver. If you feel that you need a larger scooter but want to also have a portable scooter, consider the Golden Literider or Go-Go Sport. These are the largest of the portable models with larger wheels, better ground clearance and more powerful motors.

Be sure and call us if you have any questions about which model is best for you. Austin: 512-476-0500, Georgetown: 512-863-2929.

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Martin Mobility also has power chairs, lift chairs, manual wheelchairs and more in our showrooms. Most products are ready to take home today. Delivery is also available. Call or come for help finding your best mobility solutions.