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Martin Mobility sells and installs Bruno, Harmar, Savaria and Stannah stair lifts for inside and outside use. We can install stairlifts on straight and curved stairways - inside or outside. Stairlifts are also called chair lifts and stair lifts. We install, provide warranty coverage and service all of the stairlifts we sell. Prices start at only $2850 installed for a straight stairlift on a standard staircase. We also have a special on the industry leading Savaria K2 stairlift. It folds up smaller than any other chair lift on the market.

The stair lifts install easily on your stairs without requiring cutting into walls or modifying your stairs in any way. Chair lift systems are battery backed up so they will still operate during a power outage. 

Martin Mobility is A+ Rated by BBB and is Central Texas's preferred stairlift provider. If you need a vehicle wheel chair lift or power chair lift to carry your power chair, scooter, or wheelchair, click HERE. We install wheelchair lifts or power chair lifts that can be installed inside or outside your vehicle. A wheelchair lift or power chair lift can also be installed in your home to lift you on your chair up to a different level. See Vertical Platform Lifts below. These operate like elevators and are used inside and outside especially around decks and boat docks.

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It only takes us a few hours to install your stairlift. We will first schedule an appointment with you to do a FREE EVALUATION and measure your stairs to ensure a quick and quality install. Our staff is factory trained and has years of experience installing Savaria, Stannah and Harmar stairlifts. Click HERE to see our team.

A stair lift can be fitted quickly and simply. Stair lifts are available in various lengths to fit different kinds of staircases.

  • Stair Lifts provide independence and allow you to get upstairs easily
  • Stairlifts are often required to allow you to continue to live comfortably and safely in your home
  • No major modifications to your staircase are required
  • Martin Mobility is your local stair lift provider for the best value and quality stair lift brands - buy local and save

Stannah Stairlifts

A Stannah stairlift will fit any staircase, wide, narrow, curved or straight. Known for making high quality and safe chair lifts at reasonable cost. Stannah stair lifts use safety features ranging from seat belts to obstruction detection sensors. At every step in the design, manufacturing and installation process, Stannah test their stairlifts to ensure they offer complete safety. Stannah outdoor stairlifts are some of the highest quality and most reliable home lifts we offer.

Stannah Stair Lift 600 Bronze Siena wide - 20percent

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summer specialSavaria Stairlifts

The Savaria K2 stairlift is an excellent choice for straight stairs in the home. With the smallest folded up size on the market, it is out of the way when not in use, yet ready to carry up to 350 lb whenever you need it. For business applications, the Savaria SL-1000 commercial stairlift can be installed for straight stairs to carry up to 350 lb. Savaria manufactures a variety of stair lifts, elevator lifts and platform lifts for homes and businesses.

savaria chairlift stairlift

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Harmar Straight Stairlifts

Harmar Straight Stair Lifts are built at their plants in the USA. Harmar is known for durability, safety, and ease-of-use. Harmar straight stair lifts come in a range of available models, from the most compact stair lift, to a heavy duty commercial model. Click on the picture or link to see more information on the various models.

harmar straight stairlift

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Stannah Outdoor Lift

Relax on your deck. Enjoy your garden. The Stannah 320 Outdoor stair lift gives you access to the world outside the walls of your house. Installed far more quickly and taking up a lot less room than a ramp, this stairlift can also be used to bring your groceries and other items upstairs.

Outdoor 320  stairlift at Bottom 30 percent

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Harmar Helix Curve Rail

The Harmar Helix Custom Curve Rail chair lift is custom built to work with your home's curved stairway. Enjoy all the features of Harmar's straight rail lift, but with a style that fits your home and your personal requirements.

Harmar CSL500 Curved Stair Lift

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Wheelchair Lifts, Inclined Platform Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts
We also install wheelchair lifts, inclined platform lifts and vertical platform lifts. These types of wheelchair lifts can lift you up to a deck, porch, entryway or another level in your home or business. Vertical platform lifts are like an elevator that takes you and your power chair or scooter to a different level. These are also known as wheel chair lifts or power chair lifts. Like a wheelchair stair lift, these lifts will get you upstairs in your wheelchair.
An inclined platform lift carries a passenger with wheelchair up and down a single flight of straight stairs by travelling along a rail system mounted alongside the stairs. Suitable for home or commercial applications, this lift is well suited to environments where an elevator or vertical lift cannot be easily accommodated.
We install to ADA requirements.
Savaria Delta Inclined Platform LiftMultilift Vertical Platform LiftSavaria Omega Inclined Platform LiftSavaria enclosed vertical platform wheelchair lift

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