Vehicle Lifts - Inside, Outside and Hybrid


Martin Mobility is your central Texas lift provider for Harmar Chair Lifts, Bruno electric wheelchair lifts, and Pride Silver Star auto lifts. We stock the most popular scooter lifts and power chair lifts. Installation takes 2-4 hours depending on the type of lift and your vehicle. Call us to schedule your lift install or for more info - 512-476-0500 Austin or 512-863-2929 Georgetown.

Electric chair lifts start at around $1600 installed. The average price is around $2200. Top line electric powered lifts are around $3000. Ramps are another option for SUVs and vans. We have ramps that are made for scooters and power chairs in stock.

We are a VA contractor. If you have been approved for a lift, just bring us the form and we will take it from there. There is no cost to you for us to install a VA approved lift.


Outside lifts are the most popular because they will fit most vehicles and will carry most scooters and power

chairs. You need to have a trailer hitch on your vehicle in order for us to install an outside auto wheelchair lift. Most applications require a receiver hitch. We can help you get the right type for


Inside lifts use a "crane" style lift system. There are several different types. Some are partially manual where you guide the scooter or power chair in. Others are completely automatic and will lift and rotate the scooter or power chair in.


Hybrid Style lifts are becoming very popular. They are the easiest to use.

A hybrid lift installs in the back of your vehicle. You press a button and the lift will move out and lower to the ground. You just drive your scooter or power chair on the platform - push the up button - and the scooter will raise up and load into your vehicle. Not every van or suv can fit these auto lifts. Feel free to call us and we can determine if your vehicle will accommodate the lift. Or, call us when you are considering a new vehicle and we can help you select a model that will work with the hybrid lift. 512-476-0500 Austin or 512-863-2929 Georgetown.

Not every lift will fit every vehicle. We will need your vehicle year, make and model as well as the model scooter or powerchair that will be on the lift. Call us and we will let you know which lifts will work with your equipment. 512-476-0500 Austin or 512-863-2929 Georgetown.

Harmar Outside Lifts

Harmar outside lifts attach to a trailer hitch. You need either a Class II (class two) or Class III receiver hitch for most installations. The Class II hitch is for lighter duty lifts and scooters. Most installations - even the lighter ones - will work with the Class III receiver hitches. You also need a trailer light plug with the hitch (flat 4 connector) so we can plug in the license plate light on the lift. The lift power has to come directly from the battery.

You hold your scooter or power chair on the lift with either attached ratchet straps or a lock-down arm. Both are very secure options. It depends on the type of scooter or power chair to determine the best option for your equipment.

AL560XL large outside power chair lift

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Harmar Inside Lifts

Harmar inside lifts go into your van, truck or SUV. They are usually installed in the rear. Some can be installed in the side door of a van. They use a "crane" type setup that lifts and rotates your scooter or power chair into the vehicle. There are also hybrid style platform lifts that fit some vehicles. Those are described in the next section.

AL435 - inside 3-axis wheel chair lift

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Harmar Hybrid Lifts

Harmar hybrid lifts are installed in the rear of a van, truck, or SUV. They can also be installed at the side door of some vans. They are the easiest lifts for most people to use to load and unload their scooter or power chair. With the hybrid style lifts, the platform extends, lowers to the ground, and then you drive your scooter or power chair onto the platform. A push of a button raises the lift and loads your scooter or power chair into the vehicle. To unload, you just push the "down" button and the lift extends and lowers your powerchair or scooter to the ground.

Harmar Hybrid AL625 Lift

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